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AMERICA!! [Jun. 23rd, 2006|01:47 pm]
Now, I am student of SEMO. When I was 2nd grade student in JAPAN, I decided to go to the U.S.A. There are some reasons to go to there. First of all, I am interested in American's life. I like import shops,so I want to go to the supermarket.When I arrived at Chicago, I saw so many shops. I was very excited!! I think if I go to the American supermarket, I have very good time.
Next, I want to stay with a family. Homestay is one of my dream.I am sure that if I stay with a family, my English skills must be improve.That is why I go to here.
Thirdly, I like English. I want to hear real English and speak many Americans.My dream is English teacher in JAPAN, so I need to study English more...
Finally, I want to change my character. My character is shyness and negative.In JAPAN, I always gave up many things.Then I thought, I want to change my mind!! I should experience many things and hard things.Then I will get tough mind. I don't want to fear anything. I want to try anything in America!!